Acid Ball


Iā€™m a beginning composer who is heavily influenced by the scores of late ā€˜60s and early ā€˜80s European horror cinema (Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, etc). For those who are curious, I currently write all my stuff in GarageBand.

"Bio Communion" - 14 tracks, 2016

"Wampyr" - 2 tracks, 2016

"A Wilderness Within Hell" Soundscore for Madhouse Mitchel - 14 tracks, 2017

The Thinklematter Monthly Album - 9 tracks, 2017

"Part 1 & Part 2" - 10 tracks, 2017

My alternate soundscore for "Witchfinder General", 2016

Epopea, 2016
Remix of vintage 1970s footage. Cover of Goblin tune by Aaron Kearns.