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I'm moving in the direction of timeless, instrumental music that has no time signature.

With a professional musician/producer for a father, a mother who trained in classical violin as a youth, a grandmother who trained in classical piano, and a grandfather who was a classically-trained singer and music minister, time signatures should have been encoded in my DNA. But, despite years of piano lessons, and having a heavy background in music, twenty-four hour exposure to it (even helping to record sessions at the studio), and an appreciation for many different styles, when I started writing music for my film ideas at sixteen, my sense of time was, shall we say, cryptic. Music melded with film formed its own sense of time for me. I have matured significantly since then, but the soundscores I write remain a matter of conversation with the image.

Though I'm familiar with the works of many composers for film, at the beginning, due my interest in horror, I was heavily influenced by the scores of late ‘60s and early ‘80s European horror cinema (Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, etc), which will be obvious in the earlier tracks.

For those who are curious, I used to write in GarageBand but have switched over to Logic.

Below are a few soundtracks and some cover music I've done as well as have sung on. This page can hang up when loading and you may have to refresh.

Vaulting School - New Catastrophic Audio, 2018
Vocals - Aaron D. Kearns

Vaulting School - Covers of Joy Division's "Dead Souls" and Neon's "Lobotomy", 2018
Vocals - Aaron D. Kearns

O / O / O / O
Soundtrack to my "Spiral Movie", 2017

Soundtrack to my "Weightless Bird in a Falling Cage" - 4 tracks, 2017

The Narrative Album - 10 tracks, 2017

The Thinklematter Monthly Album - 9 tracks, 2017

"Part 1 & Part 2" - 10 tracks, 2017

"A Wilderness Within Hell" Soundscore for my Madhouse Mitchel - 14 tracks, 2017

"Bio Communion" - 14 tracks, 2016

"Bio Communion" was written for a film idea I had for Frankenstein. I would still like to do a remake of Frankenstein, but if and when it happens I will use another score.

"Wampyr" - 2 tracks, 2016

These two tracks were originally intended to be included in "Bio Communion".

My alternate soundscore for "Witchfinder General", 2016

Epopea, 2016
Remix of vintage 1970s footage. Cover of Goblin tune by Aaron Kearns.

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I am a young, independent filmmaker, artist, and composer for film. My films (experimental/avant-garde and documentary) are split between the film and animation pages. The Thinklematter page is devoted to what began as an art comic project but has been expanded to include its own series of dedicated films. I also have zines and webcomics. If you'd like to support an independent filmmaker/artist, please consider making a purchase of one (or more) of my limited edition hardcopy publications. Other art is on the art page and more still on Instagram and Tumblr. Music is on the music page. Samples of my commercial work can be found on the work page. My contact email and all social media information is under connect. If you'd like to learn more about me then please check out my bio. For current news and thoughts check out my blog.