= But to Me, You're Beautiful =

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Director, cinematography, editing - Aaron Dylan Kearns
Music: Unknown
Genre: Experimental surrealist/absurdist
Runtime: 0:33
Budget: $0
Release Date: June 18, 2016

But to Me, You're Beautiful, probably better belongs to a number of films I have done, which I've not included in my filmography, that could be more properly seen as exercises. I include it as I was beginning a transition from the absurd and surrealism to more abstract experimental film, which will be evident with the short film, Turbulence Around the Moon, made several months later. At any rate, I liked the concept behind But to me, You're Beautiful.

2016 deceptively looks like a slim year for me film-wise, when I was instead hard at work on hundreds of drawings for my animated film, Madhouse Mitchel, which was consuming all my creative energy.