When I was younger and didn’t know any better, I put as many notes in a song as possible through a USB keyboard. But noise and modern art has broken my skull, and I prefer to not use instruments anymore.


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What I Consider My Current Music, Bandcamp downloadables
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[What I once said] With a professional musician/producer for a father, a mother who trained in classical violin as a youth, a grandmother who trained in classical piano, and a grandfather who was a classically-trained singer and music minister, time signatures should have been encoded in my DNA. But, despite years of piano lessons, and having a heavy background in music, twenty-four hour exposure to it (even helping to record sessions at the studio), and an appreciation for many different styles, when I started writing music for my film ideas at sixteen, my sense of time was, shall we say, cryptic. Music melded with film formed its own sense of time for me. I have matured significantly since then, but the soundscores I write remain a matter of conversation with the image.

Though I'm familiar with the works of many composers for film, at the beginning, due my interest in horror, I was heavily influenced by the scores of late ‘60s and early ‘80s European horror cinema (Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, etc), which will be obvious in the earlier tracks.

[An update on what I once said] Since the original writing of this section, my interests have shifted again to a more conceptual form of noisemaking. This came in light of learning about Japanese noise acts like The Gerogerigegege, which leaned more on modern art with some of their releases like the albums Art Is Over, Recycled, and Shaking Box Music: You Are The Noise Maker. I haven’t put an octopus tentacle in a cassette box just yet.

For those who are curious, I used to write in GarageBand but have switched over to Logic.

Below are my soundtracks, experimental music, and some cover music I've done as well.

Live Performance

Live 6/16/2022 (Kirkwood Ballers Club, Eyedrum)

Full industrial noise setlist, a soloist performance utilizing a mixture of found-object percussion and analog synths.

1. - Artaud And The Air Loom
2. - Logs
3. - Bullfighter

Bullfighter (Atlanta Noise, Industrial), Live April 2022

This was the first track I performed in my setlist at the Kirkwood Ballers Club that was hosted April 2022 at Eyedrum. The song is an original that I wrote in homage to two distinct (one willing and the other unwilling) early surrealist figures, Georges Bataille and Manuel Granero. Bataille mythologized Granero’s death, which he allegedly witnessed first-hand as a young adult, in the surrealist novel Story Of The Eye. He took Granero’s death and the strange equally mythologized nature of it and made it into an exemplary figure in how he used association in the novel. Granero’s death was supposedly preceded by nonsensical nightmares that predicted the incident, and Bataille would frame the brutality in an equally abstracted context. While I figuratively had a full kit that night, the contact mic I had for the ironing board and suitcase was malfunctioning, so I could only perform with the trellis that night.

Polymorph Bodyshop Performance

A concert that I performed for the opening of the second run of the Polymorph Bodyshop surrealist art exhibition in Birmingham, Alabama. Some keyboard glitching can be heard during certain sections of the show. Whether or not it’s a technical error or an extra texture to the noise is a mystery. Also included with the Bandcamp release are the original, patchless mixes of some of my prior noise tracks.

Released December 17, 2019

Aaron Dylan Kearns - Live At East Village Arts of Birmingham from Aaron Dylan Kearns (EyeOdyssey) on Vimeo.

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What I Consider My Current Music

isolated karaoke  img style= Child Noise Experiment Baby You Know
Vampyr Themes Air in Water Guinea Pig Themes
Live in Birmingham 19 Body Hammer Wandering Prometheus
Gomon Master Sartreman Coin Locker Babies
Incidental Music Bastard '70' Kafka'
Inter Ice Age 4 Witchfinder General Themes Nausea'

Isolated Karaoke
Released December 17, 2021

Child Noise Experiment
Released December 17, 2021

Baby You Know
Released July 10, 2021

Track 3. "Something Must Break". a Joy Division cover on Philosophy of Poisonous Porcupine by Various Artists
A compilation for Think Music, Think Love Attitude Vol. 2.
Released December 15, 2020

Vampyr Themes
A fan-made alternate soundtrack for the 1932 Carl Theodor Dreyer film Vampyr.
Released October 31, 2020

Air in Water
Recordings in isolation.
Released April 28, 2020

Guinea Pig Themes : Mermaid in a Manhole
A fan-made alternate soundtrack for the 1990s Hideshi Hino horror film, Mermaid In A Manhole.
Released February 2, 2020

Live in Birmingham, Alabama, December 17, 2019
A concert that I performed for the opening of the second run of the Polymorph Bodyshop surrealist art exhibition in Birmingham, Alabama. Video and album download.
Released December 17, 2019.

Body Hammer
A handful of melodic experiments utilizing primitive keyboard synth samples. Originally composed for an early cut of The God Machine.
Released December 17, 2019

Wandering Prometheus
A handful of melodic experiments utilizing primitive keyboard synth samples. Originally composed for an early cut of The God Machine.
Released December 17, 2019

Gomon Master
A multi-media audio art experiment that utilizes elements of noise, improvisation, synth scoring, audio collaging, electronic punk and rock music.
Released December 16, 2019

When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.
Released November 23, 2019

Coin Locker Babies
Recorded live at The Bakery in Atlanta, GA. A soloist harsh noise session in the gallery room of the Polymorph Bodyshop surrealist exhibit.
Released September 8, 2019

Incidental Music
Released June 28, 2019

Bastard '70
Released May 14, 2019

Nearly the entirety of the soundscapes used in Kafka's Supermarket (with the exception of the end credits theme and a replay of "Haste In Slow Motion"") along with the original score from Hard Drive.
Released December 9, 2018

Inter Ice Age 4
Released December 3, 2018

Witchfinder General Themes
My alternate soundtrack to the 1960s Vincent Price horror film Witchfinder General. The original film was based on the grizzly and inhumane trials held by witch hunter Matthew Hopkins.
Released August 8, 2018

A mixed media audioscape to accompany the catastrophic results of distilled time and industrial decay, titled after the third track that acts as an abstract adaption of the Jean-Paul Satre novel of the same name. Inspired by the xerox collage scene of the late 1980s.
Released July 13, 2018

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My Older Music

Thinklematter Monthly 2 Weightless Bird in a Falling Cage Soundtrack Narrative Album
Spiral Film Soundtrack Thinklematter Monthly 1 A Wilderness Within Hell
Part 1 and Part 2 Wampyr Biocommunion

Thinklematter Monthly Album 2
Released May 11, 2018

Soundtrack to Weightless Bird in a Falling Cage
Released November 20, 2017

The Narrative Album
Released November 20, 2017

Soundtrack to 0/0/0/0 (Spiral Film)
Released October 12, 2017

Thinklematter Monthly Album 1
Released June 14, 2017

A Wilderness Within Hell
Soundscore for my Madhouse Mitchel film. Released April 13, 2017

Part 1 & Part 2
Released January 26, 2017

These two tracks were originally intended to be included in Bio Communion.
Released October 24, 2016

Bio Communion
Bio Communion was written for a film idea I had for Frankenstein.
Released September 25, 2016

Vaulting School - New Catastrophic Audio, 2018
Vocals - Aaron D. Kearns

Vaulting School - Covers of Joy Division's "Dead Souls" and Neon's "Lobotomy", 2018
Vocals - Aaron D. Kearns

Epopea, 2016
Remix of vintage 1970s footage. Cover of Goblin tune by Aaron Kearns.

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