Experimental cinema demands the audience be actively engaged rather than passive. It is a portal into worlds of experience beyond traditional storytelling film structure.

I am an independent filmmaker, artist, composer for film, and performing musical artist based out of Atlanta.

My films (experimental/avant-garde and documentary) are in the Film section. The posters below link to the films but don't include my ongoing Thinklematter art shorts, which are on he filmography page, or my commercial work. All posters are designed by me and feature my art.

An Empty Room Egregore Death of a Home
Diary of a Wolf Man Winter Sports Box Men
Polymorph Bodyshop Kafka's Supermarket' Burning Fragments
Factory Dream Moonlight Tunnel Hard Drive
Pitfall Catalytic Collision Cinematic Notebook
Tree People Spiral Movie Weightless Bird in a Falling Cage
Madhouse Mitchel Velocity into Execution Leftovers
Astroy Bo The Counting Man Rusted Waters, Busted Trucks

Samples of my commercial film work can be found in the For Hire section, along with work skills and history.

For films, I needed music. For the majority of my work, I compose my own soundscapes, some of which may be found in the Music section. I also record other music and have ventured recently into live synth performance.

I'm also an artist, with work in surrealist gallery shows and publications. I have several zines in print and webcomics online. The zines and webcomics section has information on these. More art is in the Art section and on Instagram.

I am a co-host on the cinema podcast Talk Cinephilia to Me. Follow the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best experience will be on Facebook for show notes and information.

My contact email and all social media information can be found under connect.

If you'd like to learn more about me then please check out my bio.

On this website, we've stayed old school html as we were weary of battling Wordpress hacks and we like the look. It works well if you just swipe to enlarge on a phone, but is built for optimal viewing on a larger screen.

Recent News

An Empty Room

An Empty Room

An Empty Room is 6 intimate performance and interview videos, each showcasing musicians based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Produced by Aaron Dylan Kearns and Martin Kearns.

Interview with Ben Holst of Amplified


Amplified, hosted by Ben Holst, interviews Martin "Marty" Kearns and Aaron Kearns, producer/directors of An Empty Room, September 21, 2022.
View on Volume

Feeco Magazine Volume 3: Doomsday Issue Interview



These are photos I got with the arrival of my copies of the newest volume of Feeco magazine, Volume 3: Doomsday Issue.



I had an in-depth interview with the magazine's curator, Yu Hirayama, back in 2020 where we discussed the current political climate along with the ideologies and subcultural interests in my art, music and filmography. My copies arrived with one of the limited edition physical prints of the compilation CD Philosophy Of Poisonous Porcupine (which I contributed a song for) and a copy of the previous volume of Feeco, which Hirayama generously included. All of these were published under his label Suikazura. The front cover is the painting of the grandfather that appears in my short film Box Men, which is discussed in regards to its uncanny foreshadowing of life under lockdown with the pandemic. Other topics of discussion range from Hiroshi Harada's animations to industrial and noise music (The Gerogerigegege, S.P.K., etc), the Tokyo Grand Guignol, the films of Showa-era Japan and the varying textures between analog and digital mediums. Of interest to some of my friends on here, volume 2 features an interview with J.G. Thirlwell, who had outside of his solo career as Foetus and extensive work in soundtracks (including writing the music for the feature-length adaption of J.G. Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition) also done work with Coil on their Scatology and Horse Rotorvator-era material, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Swans and the iconic industrial sound collage act Nurse With Wound (whom Hirayama also wrote a book about).

Links to where you can get the Doomsday Issue. The stores are all Japanese, but they support international shipping:" Links to Suikazura's pages:

Talk Cinephilia to Me

I am co-helming a new cinema podcast! "Talk Cinephilia to me" was conceived of in response to the great Covid-19 shelter-in-place. We're having a great time with it and hope you'll enjoy it now, while we're all in lock-down, and in the future as well. Our plans are that there will be three to four episodes a month. Follow the podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The best experience will be on Facebook for show notes and information.


What's New on the Website

Egregore released 2022.

Egregore poster

Egregore is an experimental documentary of the 2021 surrealist exhibit, Egregore, in Atlanta, Georgia.

There are 3 new albums up in the Music section.