= Pitfall =

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Director, cinematography, editing, and music: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Animation samples: Hiroshi Harada, from his 1992 film "Midori"
Genre: Experimental
Runtime: 7:41
Budget: $0
Release Date: June 9, 2018

The titular Pitfall is less of a literal one but instead a state a being.

With my current filmmaking, I am less of a strict “narrative” artist but instead a builder of states of being through the medium of collaging. All cinema is collage to an extent, but my films are pure collage art in how they are pieced together. They are not a collection of isolated scenes that build to a certain montage that “progresses” in a traditional manner, but a full work that can never be dissected without ultimately killing the whole tone that it’s set to build. Every image, sound, and motion adds to the overall piece. It is to be viewed and consumed as pieces of art instead of disposable commercial film. Each work connects to the last and they all build to an overarching vision. My intention is to take the selection of the eye and time itself and distort it to such a way that it collages it to a parallel universe that in some cases bears only slight similarities to our own existence. Out of the mundane I selectively pull certain images and moments that turns life surreal.

The poster:

Pitfall poster
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