What Brought Me to this Point


Maybe you'll buy some art in the form of a physical zine and maybe you'll read a free web comic

Other Publications My Art Has Appeared In

Deep Times,Peculiar Mormyrid 9, Fall 2020, Peculiar Mormyrid Publisher, 9/13/20. Includes several of my art works.

Tarantula, Tarantula, House of Mysticum Publisher, 12/10/20. A surrealist zine. Several pieces of my art and a short story of mine are featured.

The Polymorph Bodyshop, A Surrealist Game and Exhibition, Peculiar Mormyrid Publisher, 10/18/2019. A catalogue of the Polymorph Bodyshop Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. Features several of my artworks.

My Zines and Where to Buy Them

I had 3 zines for sale at Bandcamp (autographed) and at Oxford Comics in Atlanta: What Brought Me to This Point, Thinklematter Monthly Volume 1 (Love in Loathing), and Thinklematter Monthly Volume 2 (The Sounds of Music). But they are no longer available at these outlets. I may rerelease them through Patreon.

What Brought Me to this Point Zine | Thinklematter Monthly

My Web Comics and Where to Read Them Online for Free

The web comics available online are Iron Logs, A Man of Leisure, Violence City, Acid Ball, and The Missed Adventures of Acid Ball and Friends. Links are below. Follow me on Instagram for more art. I've been experimenting with making small collage zines.

A Man of Leisure | Iron Logs Webcomic | Violence City | Acid Ball Webcomic | The Missed Adventures of Acid Ball and Friends Webcomic

What Brought Me to this Point

What Brought Me to this Point - Zine

What Brought Me to this Point?
Published 2017

A saddle stapled softcover comprised of 20 pages including front and back covers. What Brought Me To This Point is an atmospheric existential character study that focuses on paranoia, alienation and the concepts of identity and individuality.

"I see myself walk amongst their masses, my mold is just like theirs in being both conceptually grotesque and bland. I morph into their mold."

Signed and numbered copies remain and will be made available again in the future.

What Brought Me to this PointWhat Brought Me to this PointWhat Brought Me to this Point

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Thinklematter Monthly

Thinklematter Monthly

Thinklematter Monthly began as an independently made publication featuring one-off short comics and various other art projects I’ve worked on, and has grown to include film shorts and music.

Thinklematter Monthly Vol. 1 (Love In Loathing)

Published 2017

A saddle stapled softcover comprised of 20 pages including front and back covers. Includes the comic "Love In Loathing" along with two photo collage works. Thinklematter Monthly, Volume One is a limited addition printing of 50 individually signed and numbered copies. Signed and numbered copies remain and will be made available again in the future.

Thinklematter 1Thinklematter 1Thinklematter 1

Thinklematter Monthly Vol. 2 (The Sounds Of Music)

Published 2017

A saddle stapled softcover comprised of 32 pages including front and back covers. An amateur author meets with John Doe, a mysterious man who offers to tell stories of his childhood to the author for the basic groundworks of a novel. John Doe’s accounts however turn out to be nightmarish descriptions of a seemingly impossible home located out in a desert comprised of roadways and roadkill, eventually drawing focus to his abusive upbringing with an ominous, nameless father figure.

Contains themes relating to child abuse and animal cruelty.

A limited edition, signed and numbered copies remain and will be made available again in the future.

Thinklematter 2Thinklematter 2Thinklematter 2

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Iron Logs webcomic

Iron Logs webcomic

Read Iron Logs on this website or on Tumblr. The first chapter, "The Plastic Forest", published March 28th, 2018, is available online. The 2nd and 3rd chapters are in preparation.

An exercise in abstraction and absurdity, Iron Logs is a multi-chapter serial that follows the surreal exploits of Karina along with her mixed range of peers, some having sinister intentions and others downright nonsensical.

Iron Logs started off in mid-2017 when I was observing the cartoonist circles that were active on Tumblr. Many artists in that circle that I knew were either closely following or writing their own, for a lack of a better term, “nudie cutie” comics. Essentially the same sort of stylistic traits and narratives you’d get in a Russ Meyer film, but commonly with characters who were more ‘alternatively’ (i.e. mall punk or goth) fashioned. Just around that time, I was developing an interest in Georges Bataille, following closely from my interests in surrealist collage and ero guro. Considering the nature of how Bataille published Story Of The Eye, I got the idea to make a surrealist comic that disguised itself as one of those contemporary Tumblr nudie comics to sorta disrupt the norm.

The first chapter was made over the summer, while these other two I just started writing this year (2020). The first chapter is a bit rough artistically speaking, these following chapters are closer to my initial vision. It apparently did meet my goal though. I remember in particular another artist who was writing his own comic expressed his being deeply concerned after being at a bit of a loss for words during the comic’s launch. The series is now somewhat wandering for a new home, as Tumblr’s guidelines drastically shifted in late-2018 and most of those artists had since migrated to other places. I don’t really know where though.

Aside from the transgressive actions of the dysfunctional lovers that the series follows, Iron Logs is driven by the bizarre locations that it traverses. Some of the locations include a forest made out of plastic, the flesh market, a 1930s factory town riddled with murderous businessmen, a mansion of bourgeoisie complacency and perversity, the fetus of the universe, a prison camp, a ‘void room’, and the iron woods (a forest where trees made of coagulated blood grow from the remains of detonated missiles).

Just to clarify due to the sort of imagery depicted, none of the scenes in the comic reflect my personal views. My parents were animal rescuers before I was born, and the sexuality depicted is meant to be grotesque and surreal than erotic.

Iron Logs

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A Man of Leisure

A Man of Leisure

Read A Man of Leisure on this website. Published April 2019.


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Violence City

Violence City

Read Violence City on this website.

Violence City is unfinished as it was part of an October 15th, 2019 twenty-four hour challenge.

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Acid Ball

Acid Ball 2019

Read Acid Ball on this website.

Acid Ball is a reboot of The Missed Adventures of Acid Ball and Friends.

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The Missed Adventures of
Acid Ball and Friends

The Missed Adventures of Acid Ball and Friends webcomic

Visit The Acid Ball Experience on this website, on Tumblr or on Facebook.

Acid Ball is an idea I first dreamed up in 2012 when I was 14, later returned to when I was 17, and have periodically revisited it since then. The main characters are Acid Ball (top hat, big eye), Pilgrim (Acid Ball's kind of lower body-vehicle), Coco (speaks in signs, the other top hat person with short hair), the Collective Individual (similar to Pilgrim, the kind of lower body-vehicle that Coco sometimes rides around in and holds numerous other aspects of the Collective Individual), Average Joe, and assorted visitors.

acid ball

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