= Polymorph Bodyshop exhibit documentary =

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Documentation, editing, structure: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Broken iPhone videography: Martin E. Kearns
Featuring: Steven Cline, Hazel Cline, Mattias Forshage, Jason Abdelhadi, Steve Morrison, Megan Leach, Ladonna Smith
Music Tim White, Craig S. Wilson, The Bim Prongs, Hazel Cline, Fluxnois (Post-credits sequence)
Animation: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Runtime: 40:03
Budget: $0
Release Date: December, 2019
Festivals/screenings: The premiere was at The Polymorph Bodyshop exhibit, Birmingham, Alabama, December 28, 2019.

Also available on Youtube.

Polymorph Bodyshop documentary poster:

Polymorph Bodyshop poster
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Music used in the documentary is on soundcloud.

More information on the Polymorph Bodyshop exhibit, staged September 5-19, 2019 at The Bakery in Atlanta, GA, and December 7-28, 2019 at East Village Arts in Birmingham, Alabama, is at the Peculiar Mormyrid website, including The Polymorph Bodyshop book that is a record of the physical exhibits. Pieces of mine included are the physical art-television staging for Kafka's Supermarket, as well as a painting, and an art object.

Polymorph Bodyshop painting

Polymorph Bodyshop art object