= Winter Sports =

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Direction: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Screenplay: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Concept: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Cast: Aaron Dylan Kearns (The Sportsman)
Director of Cinematography: Juli Maria Kearns
Camera: Juli Maria Kearns
Costuming, Set Design and Art Direction: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Genre: Absurdist crisis comedy, Avant-garde, experimental, panic realism, horror
Runtime: 5:43
Budget: $45
Completion Date: May 5, 2020
Festivals/Screenings: Selected by the Plaza Theater (Atlanta) to be one of the shorts in their Quarantine Film Festival, May 8, 2020.

An absurdist dark comedy that was conceived and filmed while in quarantine. With the local wildlife emerging from hibernation, bipedal suited beasts are hunted and made into coats.

Winter Sports

Winter Sports 1

Winter Sports 2

Winter Sports 3

Photography by Juli Maria Kearns

Winter Sports poster:

Winter Sports poster
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