= The Death of a Home =

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Director: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Script (dialogue and Intertitles): Aaron Dylan Kearns, Juli Maria Kearns
Camera, documentation: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Original music: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Photographs projected during prologue: Juli Maria Kearns
Genre: Experimental documentary
Runtime: 54:02
Budget: $0
Release Date: November 20th, 2020

A late-capitalist nightmare before Christmas.

The Death Of A Home is an experimental documentary about our personal experiences with the gentrification of Atlanta. This documentary specifically concerns our second gentrification in a two-year span with the current rise of emptying out affordable apartments to reconfigure them as tourist Air BNBs and pricier condominiums. It was the second time we were gentrified in a two-year span. This documentary is built up of footage I captured of our daily life during that second gentrification. I've been working on this documentary in periods since late-2018. Most of that time was spent figuring out how exactly to contextualize and sequence all the footage, giving a mental and emotional sense of comprehensiveness that matches the events as they happened. It's odd feeling to post a movie this directly personal, but I've been told over the years that this was a film that had to be finished and released. Most of the documentaries in this style I would make are usually of more casual lives, like with Tree People, or positive events as respectful tributes, like Moonlight Tunnel and the Polymorph Bodyshop Documentary. This film is about as direct I could get when it comes to capturing capitalist alienation on film. The sense of being dehumanized and demoralized as a statistic or product. It's grim.

A quick disclaimer: I couldn't remember the name of the performer who appears during the credits scene. He was a musician who performed at The Bakery's Change Maker Market, which was coinciding with our move at the time. For anyone who was there, he performed on the 15th of December. If anyone does recognize him, please let me know so I can include an additional credit in the description.

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