= Diary of a Wolfman =

EPILEPSY WARNING. This film has flashing lights. | Return to Films section | View against dark background. View larger on Vimeo. Also available on Youtube.

Direction: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Concept: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Cast: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Cinematography: Juli Maria Kearns
Camera 2: Martin E. Kearns
Genre: Avant-garde, experimental, psychological horror
Runtime: 10:38
Budget: $30
Completion Date: July 3 2020

The analysis of a recently discovered set of video clips documenting the daily life of a werewolf, the footage was originally recorded in late 2017. A pair of faceless voices attempt to describe the footage with no given context. Originally filmed as a short titled "The Civilized Predator". The interview audio was extracted from a 1949 instructional film, now in the public domain, that was produced by the Department of Psychology of the University of Oregon on the dynamics of unconscious motivation.

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