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Director, cinematography, editing, and music: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Genre: Experimental
Runtime: 5:23
Budget: $0
Release Date: August 20, 2018
Festivals/screenings: World premiere at the Denver Underground Film Festival (DUFF) 2018 Premiere
Here Comes Everybody Episode 31-2. The Second installment of the Thirty First episode of a monthly Experimental cable access show broadcast in Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Waukegan IL, North Liberty IA & Ithaca NY showcasing the work of contributors located around the world. September 5, 2019.
Awards: Best Digital Experimental Short , Denver Underground Film Festival (DUFF) 2018

2018 Denver Underground film festival

Hard Drive is the first of a new personal experimental sub genre titled Action-Garde. With this sub genre purely abstract imagery and sounds are taken and collaged together to create an atmosphere that communicates intensity and high speed. A cinematic rush of energy with no logical or conceptual limitations.

The poster:

Hard Drive poster
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The poster for DUFF:

Hard Drive poster
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