= Cinematic Notebook: October 2017 =

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Director, cinematography, editing, and music: Aaron Dylan Kearns
Genre: Experimental
Runtime: 7:47
Budget: $0
Release Date: February 2, 2018

During the production of this short, I took up yet another hobby in photo collaging. I already had a rough germ of an idea of my cinematic approach when working on Leftovers, Velocity and Spiral Film, but amidst it all I found myself distanced from the inspiration that originally brought my non-narrative works to light. Later on I found I was trying to replicate my own approach, and it was a clear imitation of itself. The shorts from this period never saw the light of day, nor will be given any further mention.

When working on the image collages, I further rounded out my perspectives on not only how images can be sequenced and reworked to give a surreal effect, but also how audio could be reworked to where it could give a certain atmosphere while bearing less in common with the visuals it accompanies. This detail was inspired from when I began collaging to musical pieces by classical musician Karlheinz Stockhausen, specifically his sample and synth based works like “Hymnen” and “Gesang Der Jünglinge”. In both the visuals and the sound design, I intended to match the ideal of one of my collages taking and distorting images of a commonplace reality. A collage will share things that we might see every day, or during certain times of the year, and rework them to something that feels unusual to our world. Editing is a form of collaging, whether we view it as such or not.

One other thing I feel the need to note, this film shares the exact running time as my prior long form short, Spiral Film. This wasn’t intentional.

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Cinematic Notebook
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