= Gomon Master =

A multi-media audio art experiment that utilizes elements of noise, improvisation, synth scoring, audio collaging, electronic punk and rock music.

Released December 16, 2019

A short disclaimer for international and multilingual listeners: Track 4 (Gomon Master Take #2) includes brief distorted samples of a found sound recording of a Japanese phone sex line. I don’t speak Japanese, I picked the audio purely from an aesthetic sense (taking influence from underground experimental acts like the Gerogerigegege). Hopefully, the subjects being discussed in the recording aren’t blatantly offensive, as I picked it essentially at random. I don’t intend to offend or disturb any listeners.

Thank you for listening.

Aaron Dylan Kearns - Synths, Primary Composer, Vocals, Concept
Steven Cline - Percussion
Hazel Cline - Percussion, Zither
Martin E. Kearns - Electric Guitar, Stock Music (Violence City)

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