Here at IMTP, we aim to showcase the best of cinema and restore lost classics

Below are some purely for fun films I did when I was 14 to 18. I would hate to pretend to be embarrassed by them and purge them.

It All Makes Sense Now (Reefer Madness Parody), 2016

Jeff Koons' Oblique Marketable Music box, 2016

That's Our Count! 2015

Dementia 12 and a Half, French Fried Ford Coopela, 2014.
Running time: 1 minute and 22 seconds.

The classic Dementia 12 and a Half, by French Fry Ford Coopela, director of other classics such as Barn Stroke's Evil Blood Drinker, and The Awkward Exchange.

The Second to Last Man on Earth, 2014
Running time: 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

The Second to Last Man on Earth is one of the most historically important features ever made. Starring a sleepwalking Vincent Sales (the inspiration of horror icon Vincent Price), the feature focuses in on deep questions such as "What do I do when I completely reverse the creation of the universe?", "What will I do when I explode?" and "What is the meaning of existence".

Manos: les Mains du Destin (French Version of Manos) , 2014

When Manos: The Hands of Fate was first released, an unofficial French revision was shown in several arthouses around Paris. It was directed by Fren-Sh Friez, a lesser known director from the French New Wave movement.